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Snakes and ladders

Get your front line staff to play Snakes and Ladders to find out more about how they see your ‘welcome’. Or if you are really bold – get your audiences to play too! Print out the Snakes and Ladders sheet and give one to each pair of players, with

Ladders - things we do well to welcome people

When we played this as part of GAP, these are some of the ladders people mentioned:

  • Have a friendly manner – in person and on the phone
  • Smile
  • Run ‘stepping stone’ events to get people used to coming to the venue in small stages
  • Being down to earth. Accommodating, flexible
  • Being jargon free
  • Offering touch tours
  • Having access info on out publicity
  • Offering participation
  • Offering free events and targeted bursaries to increase the range of people who come to our events
  • Going to where people are (using their venues)
  • Having a diverse programme – something for everyone
  • Having a partnership letter – we spell out what is expected of our partners
  • Doing our research so we know what venues etc can offer
  • Asking for feedback and doing something with it (action or passing it on to the relevant organisation)
  • Ensuring people selling our product have direct experience of it
  • Good relations with gatekeepers

Snakes - things we could improve to welcome people more

When we played this as part of GAP, these are some of the snakes people mentioned:

  • Our opening hours
  • Poor parking
  • Our name!
  • Poor public transport links
  • Our location
  • Lack of diversity in trustees can lead to a perception of the org as being undiverse
  • Our tight focus could be seen as restrictive
  • Lack of diversity in out FOH team, especially volunteers
  • Poor expectations due to lack of research
  • We are understaffed and this affects our welcome
  • Get ‘in’ with gatekeepers more and try and get good relations with them so we can get through to people from different groups