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Hints and tips on the provision of access information

These were the hints and tips from a group of arts managers after looking at three sets of access information from different organisations.

  • Don’t use third person
  • If possible, don’t categorise people
  • Write about what you offer, not about the types of people you think might use it
  • Don’t patronise, don’t assume you know
  • Make it fit for purpose
  • Don’t assume that everyone who needs to know will read it
  • Its not ‘one size fits all’
  • Know your boundaries – be clear about what you don’t offer too
  • Look beyond physical access – only 4% of disabled people use wheelchairs
  • Be consistent
  • Get the balance right (between including the relevant details and keeping it concise
  • Visual images are great – include one of the outside of any relevant buildings if possible
  • Symbols are good if they are clear, large enough, recognisable (and make them still clear if you photocopy them if you are doing colour!_
  • Humanise content – ie add quotes

Find out what access information other organisations like yours are using – how does it compare to yours?