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The Basics

Diversity is about difference, and we are all different.

The first step for all of us is to accept and understand our own feelings around diversity, difference and inclusion.

Through our childhood and adult life our own experiences have shape our perspectives on diversity. Often we need to unpack these in order to consciously realise our own prejudices.

Everyone will have a unique perspective on equality and diversity – that means we need to really listen to understand each others’ perspectives.

What is diversity really about?

Well, it’s not about

  • establishing a ‘norm’ and then labelling people who don’t conform to this as ‘different’

  • ‘us and them’; its about all of us

  • just about the words and their history, although language can be a powerful tool in relation to diversity

It’s important to understand the key concepts underpinning diversity such as the social model of disability and the definition of institutional discrimination so that we can see how words and terms relate to different ways of thinking.

Finally we need to recognise that understanding, knowledge and commitment are not enough – we need the skills to put these into practice. It is quite possible to be very well informed, aware and committed on equality and diversity issues, and still to find it difficult to put these into daily practice.

Here you will find useful basics - information that will support and develop your underpinning knowledge about disability, equality and diversity.

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