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Action Planning

Think about action planning as equal opportunities aerobics. You need to warm up, decide on the areas you want to develop and then put in some real effort to achieve results.

You may just be creating an action plan, or your action plan may be part of your Equality Scheme. Which ever - the action plan is the most important section you will create.

Its where you actually bite the bullet and commit to making change happen so its worth getting it right.

  • If you are too ambitious, you'll miss your targets and end up disillusioned and demoralised.

  • If you don't stretch yourself enough, you'll not make an impact. You might tick a few boxes, but its not really going to change anything.

An action plan is a working document. It should be aspirational and yet realistic - aim for small steps leading to significant progress over time.

Here you will find information about the steps you can take to create an action plan and some templates to get you going.

We used to include examples of people's action plans here, but the temptation is then to copy one and just change the name - and that doesn't work!

What are you waiting for? Get a plan!