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What is Action Planning?

The process of putting an action plan together is really interesting and ongoing. It made me really focus on what we really do. Its very easy to miss out some things, some areas, that should be included. It about thinking more widely and joining things up in your head. Laurence Hill, Fabrica

What is action planning?

Take our simple five-step guide to action planning…

Action Planning can develop a positive approach to inclusive access for different groups. Action Planning is simply a way of auditing all aspects of your organisation and then determine what action you will take to improve what you can provide. Disability Action Planning focuses on access for disabled people, Diversity Action Planning covers access and inclusion for a range of diverse groups.

Action Planning is not about improving only one aspect of what you provide, it is being holistic and looking at the whole of your organisation, including how inclusion and access impacts on:

  • Ethos – the very building blocks used to run organisations such as governance, consultation, policy and planning
  • Organisation – the day to day aspects of organisations, like employment, organisational practices and procedures, health and safety provision and equipment
  • Art – programming and in relation to the arts products your organisation produces
  • Marketing – marketing, getting audience feedback and in audience development
  • Buildings and spaces – public spaces, artists facilities and staff and technical areas.