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Change is a part of life. How do we steer ourselves through a constantly changing external environment? How do we make best use of the specific regional and national opportunities arising from 2012 and other landmark events? In particular, how do we as Deaf and disabled people, organisations and projects specialising in disability arts gain the confidence and know how to push ourselves forward, becoming more visible and business like? How do we tackle barriers to our progression? How do we lead others through and set an example?

Sync South East will spend the next two and a half years developing skills, knowledge and experience in innovative, creative and accessible ways, and in doing so, create a network of good practice throughout the region. Our ambition is for the organisations and individuals involved to have an impact far beyond the region.

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definition of disability

Sync’s definition of ‘disability’ is wide, and we believe there is a real value in the diversity this brings. People within Sync don’t have to subscribe to a particular way of thinking or be part of the wider disability movement to get involved. Sync includes a wide range of people who have impairments and experience access barriers and everyones experience and perspective is valued.


Sync South East is being developed for Arts Council England, South East, with funding from Accentuate.

Accentuate is a ground-breaking, cross sector, multi agency project designed to use the inspiration provided by the International Paralympic Movement, with its origins in South East England, to tackle disadvantage, raise aspirations and celebrate excellence.

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Sync South East is part of Sync, a national programme initially funded by the Cultural Leadership Programme. Sync is interested in the interplay between leadership and disability; it aims to energise, inform and ultimately change disabled and Deaf people’s relationship with leadership, by offering information and support, encouraging dialogue and designing leadership interventions.

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