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1. Identify your current position and plans

The hardest thing about putting a plan together was actually identifying what we already do. We needed to recognise that we probably do a lot already in the area of diversity, and then needed to articulate that within our action plan. Lucy Frazer, Hampshire Dance

The first thing to do is to identify your current position and plans with regard to disabled access. There is guidance available which will show you where to look, but only you can assess where you are.

The work you do here will enable you to establish how and why decisions about inclusion and access were taken, and will provide an audit trail for future reference. This is important in relation to the Disability Discrimination Act. You are expected to exercise due care and diligence when making decisions on the level of access to be provided within your resources. The options considered and the decisions taken may well be questioned by the courts should a case be brought against you in the future. A record of these can be very useful.

Respond was developed by ACE to support organisations with creating race equality action plans, and their materials may help with auditing

The Capital department of ACE also developed a publication to help organisations audit their practice in relation to disability access

A shorter publication, Action for Access: a practical resource for arts organisations covering many of the areas you may need to audit is also available