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Drake Music Scotland

Drake Music Scotland

Drake Music Scotland believes that disability is no barrier to making music. Using the latest in inclusive technology which can be played with even the smallest amount of movement, our team of professional musicians work across Scotland providing opportunities for both children and adults with a wide range of disabilities to learn, compose and perform music independently.

Each year, our outreach programme works with over 400 children attending both special and mainstream schools and over 50 adults in a range of community settings and we continue to support our professional, in-house band, Audability, while our fully equipped and accessible studio provides instrument tuition, song-writing workshops and rehearsal/recording opportunities. In addition, Drake Music Scotland delivers training for musicians to develop skills to work in the music and disability sector and training for teachers is embedded in the schools work so that music activities using the technology can be sustainable and continue in the longer term. We also collaborate with other arts organisations to deliver innovative projects of outstanding artistic quality.

Contact SPACE, 11 Harewood Rd, Edinburgh, EH16 4NT. Tel: 0131 659 4766 Email: