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GAP Programme

I have done a lot of disability and access training in my time and a lot of it is very poor. So to have some good training was really refreshing. It was honest and it was straightforward and directly useful. It wasn’t woolly, it wasn’t read from a book and it wasn’t patronising. Simon Taylor, The Making

GAP Programme

Information on the history of the programme, who has been involved and what they’ve been doing

The ‘Get A Plan’ programme was a diversity equality scheme/action plan development programme for arts organisations in the south east, run by ADA inc for Arts Council England South East. It involved a series of training days and individual support from a specialist to enable organisation to develop active action plans to develop their practice across all areas of their organisations.

Over time the programme developed from being a disability action planning programme to considering other aspects of diversity when relevant. In its final year, part of the programme included the development of this web resource to help share information, advice and support.

In light of the changes in legislation (and the inclusion of the Public Duty within the Disability Discrimination Act), it also moved from focusing entirely on action planning to incorporating elements from the government requirements for disability equality schemes (data capture and reporting, consultation, impact assessments etc) even though, as yet, these only relate to public bodies and not all RFOs.