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Programme details

I think ‘get a plan’ has been very useful to the organisation, why do I say this? Mostly because its been a long term project so its not something that’s been one day and then we we’re left to actually just understand it ourselves by reading a bit of paper. Katie Tearle, Glyndebourne

Programme detail

Get A Plan ran from 2004 – 2008 and over this time the programme developed to have five stages:

Introductory day

  • introduce (and seduce) new organisations to and on to the next GAP cohort
  • to refresh and re-inspire those who attended previous GAP cohorts and officers at ACE, whose involvement was key to their clients involvement
  • to provide a conduit for communication between disabled artists, in their fullest diversity, DADA South, arts organisations involved in Get a Plan and ACE, South East.

Each day had a mixed programme of presentations, film and digital artworks showings and debates.

Training programme

Three days of training were offered covering key areas and topics. Core aspects included:

  • Grounding inclusion and diversity within the ethos of an organisation
  • Marketing and audience development issues
  • Programming diversity and creating access to the arts
  • Consultation, development, governance and monitoring
  • Developing and delivering an action plan

Time for reflection and initial visits

Care was taken to not duplicate content provided by the training accompanying the Respond programme and to enable those attending the Introductory day to shape the course content/design depending on their specific needs and requirements.

Further visits

Each organisation was visited again by Jo nearer the end of the programme so that she could discuss and make direct comments on their draft action plans. This provided a real opportunity for organisations to share their concerns and issues directly. It also ensured that the resulting plans were deliverable, yet challenge the organisation as some organisations were initially too ambitious in what they felt they could achieve.

Impact assessment

In some years, there was an impact day, enabling all the organisations involved in Get A Plan to meet up once more and share their plans and their successes. In the final year, this was replaced by the creation of this web resource.