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Hints and tips

These were some of the ideas suggested by arts organisations attending Get A Plan sessions – any of these work for you?

  • Road test access – don’t assume its ok
  • Never believe what another organisation tells you about access – their version of ‘accessible’ may not be yours! Get your own checklist and ask specific questions
  • I know the old ‘getting in a wheelchair’ trick doesn’t tell you what it is like to be disabled, but it can be useful to try out getting around your venue in one – you learn loads.
  • Have access audits every three years – options change even for listed buildings.
  • To find access auditors, check out The National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) - an independent register of accredited Access Auditors and Access Consultants who meet professional standards and criteria established by a peer review system ( or at least work with someone with arts specific knowledge
  • If you have an access group/advisory group, ask for their comments and suggestions on an ongoing basis – get them involved in your road testing too
  • If you don’t have an access group – why not have an open day? Disabled people are invited for a guided tour in the morning, and then you feed them and they give you input on your access in the afternoon – you might get some new audiences and also some good advice at the same time
  • Once you have improved your access, that’s not the end of the story – then you need to see if your improvements work. Only then do you know if it really is improved