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Statistics around disability and employment

Know your facts (great for putting in funding applications)

It can be useful to put your fingers on data of the low numbers of disabled people in work – particularly in the cultural sector.

Some statistics are available, though they are generated from small samples.

The Mayor’s Report on Cultural Organisations in London is a snap shot report on 45 sport, heritage and arts organizations in London. It found that the levels of employment of disabled people, varied substantial by sector: Sport 4.72%, Heritage 2.31%, Arts 1.94%

Shape London completed a survey of employment for Arts Council England in 2004 and found that, within the arts sector, 2.95% of full time employees, 4.3% of volunteers, 4% of board members are deaf/disabled people

The Arts and Entertainment Sector Workforce Development Plan (2002) found 1% disabled people working nationally in the arts and entertainment sectors.

For general statistics on disability and employment, here you can download information from the Labour Force Survey 2005 on disabled people and employment