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Welcoming people

A smile is the universal welcome. (Max Eastman)

Welcoming People

When people access what you offer, do they feel welcome? Or do people feel that they have to ‘fit’ to attend what you offer? If we feel welcome or not will depend on the event and will depends on us – one size does not fit all.

Some people feel welcome when they are with like-minded people and when the event or space they are in is familiar. For others, its knowing what the ‘rules’ are; having information on what to expect, how they should behave and what they should wear. For many disabled people, being welcomed is about having access needs met, without creating a fuss.

For everyone, being welcomed means good customer care. They key element to a good welcome is having approachable staff that are happy to make eye contact, are interested and smile. Here are some games to play with staff to find out more about your ‘welcome’: