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Sync coaching

photo of Sarah Pickthall

Sarah Pickthall, started Sync with Jo Verrent. Sarah does the coaching side of things

Sarah also has her own work. Through coaching and creative work, Sarah wants to help people's lives 'feel better and mean more'

Sarah recently spoke about Coaching at the Sync Thinking event held on the 9th March, 2011 at the Wellcome Collection in London.

The following is from her speech on the day.

Doing things differently

a cartoon of coaching

We started Sync because we wanted to feel better about our working lives as disabled people.

We wanted to look at what was positive about being a disabled person, how great we are at so many things.

We wanted to stop asking to be let in, but instead to find a different way to break through at work and do more of what made us happy

We felt lucky that CLP said yes to helping us do this for ourselves and over 200 other disabled people too.

Back at the beginning

a cartoon of being unlocked

When I trained to be a coach, it made me feel great.

I realised that it was important for me to do things that gave me energy because I have a lot of pain in my body and feel tired a lot of the time.

I wasn't happy doing my job, I didn't feel I was being the best I could be. I knew that lots of other people felt that way too. Deep inside I knew that Coaching was the key.

I also knew that it wasn't just society's fault that I wasn't happy, it was what I was holding onto inside. The things I was telling myself.


a cartoon of what i can do

I trained and worked as a dancer and puppeteer but when I became ill and my bones and muscles felt painful, I was very sad about what I couldn't do anymore.

Through coaching, I realised that this was not helpful. There is so much I can do. I am still a dancer and a puppeteer inside.

Sync Coaching with myself and Hannah Reynolds has helped people see themselves in a different way.

Our coachees have changed cannot into can.

In order to say no to those voices inside that pull you down, you need to talk yourself through the bad bits.

Seven elements

a cartoon of 7 elements

In coaching we use the 7 elements - an idea that was started by the Institute of Human Development. The 7 elements work well with disabled leaders in coaching.

Choice - the choices we make about how we feel about things that happen to us

Talent - the things we are good at and they can sometimes be things like moaning too

Passion - you can tell when someone is passionate about what they do - their eyes twinkle and they have more energy. It's a key to what means the most to them

Values or Beliefs – saying no to the beliefs that we can't do things and that our lives are not worth it

Identity - we're not just one thing, we're lots of things

Vision - our picture of the future and finding ways to be in that picture and feel what it's like

Purpose - why are we here? A big question, but thinking about this can really help us move our lives along.

Good tippers

a picture of a glass with the sing good tipeers on it

As I was having my very early breakfast at about quarter to 6 this morning, in a cafe I know that opens in Shepherd Bush, I looked at the tip box it said "good tippers make good lovers".

It made me laugh. It means take time to spend on yourself so you get really good at your working life.