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What's in the bulletin this month?

We have lots to tell you this month. Why not print this out and have a cup of tea while you read it?

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This bulletin is to tell you:

• about some chances to meet people face-to-face and talk about leading. We are running some Sync Introductions sessions – Leads into Leading – see below for dates, times, and how to get involved

• Last year we ran a programme called Sync 20 – with 20 Sync members who had face-to-face training and coaching opportunities. We are going to run it again in 2010 and this time we are calling it Sync Intensives – more below

• And next month, placements will be launched too – a chance to work at some of London's leading arts organisations and projects.

• We have put new things on the website too - a new case study with Simon McKeown, creator of the visual arts exhibition, Motion Disabled, and an article on if disabled people lead differently.

To go straight to the Sync website

Leads into Leading

...a chance to find out more about leading as a disabled person

Photo of Tom Doughty

There are some chances coming up for you to meet up face-to-face with Sync over the next few months:

Sync and DaDa: Disability & Deaf Arts are holding a session in Liverpool on Friday 4th December 2009, 1pm – 4.30pm in The Bluecoat, School Lane Liverpool L1 3BX as part of DaDaFest.

Let us know if you want to come along. Email:

There is a special offer on too. If you want to come you can also get a free ticket to the DaDaFest09 performance that night by Tom Doughty – singer/songwriter and guitarist.

We are also hoping to hold meetings in Manchester and Bristol in January and February. If you want to find out more and come along, email:

And finally, if you live in London, Sync is having an evening relaxed meeting on 12th January. We don't know where yet but the idea is just to meet up and meet new people who are interested too. Again, email for more information:

Sync Intensives

Esther Appleyard , Joint Director of Accentuate, found Sync 20 a very useful experience for many reasons: good for networking, building relationships, great coaching... It made her feel more confident.

A photo of Esther Appleyard

In 2008, we ran a programme called Sync 20, which gave 20 Sync members one-to-one coaching, practical training days, and chances to talk things through.

We are doing this again from March 2010 to October 2010 but this time we are calling it Sync Intensives.

Interested? Want to find out more? You can get further information and a simple word application form from

You need to apply by the end of February 2010 and we’ll be letting people know who made it onto the programme in early March.

Is it for you?


placement future

I know, I know, we promised last month to give you information on the placements linked to Sync..

It is taking more time than we expected to sort these out so we can't tell you everything yet.

We can tell you:

  • There will be two placements in London for disabled and deaf leaders.

  • They are being developed by CLP and Arts Council England, and supported by Sync. Were calling these 'Leading in London', and both are for three months (or equivalent part time).

We do want to give you news of these as soon as we can - watch out here and on the CLP website in early December for full details.

Really sorry for the delay with these - if it's any help, we are as excited and frustrated as you are!

Simon McKeown

If just one person realises that it's ok to have a disabled child, a child with short arms and legs, for example, as a result of having seen the work, then it will have worked. Simon McKeown

Photo of Simon McKeown in Korea

Our case study this month is on Simon McKeown, the creator of Motion Disabled.

Simon’s work has been written about in the Times newspaper and also gone to Korea.

Simon wants to change how people think and feel about disability and he wants to create work that makes a mark.

You can read the whole case study on the Sync website. Follow the link below to go straight there.

To go straight to the Simon's case study

Do disabled people lead differently?

Sign post saying leadership

We have put a new article on the Sync website. It is about if disabled people lead differently because they are disabled people?

Everyone in Sync has a different view.

Some people think that as disabled people we are better at being ‘chameleons’ – fitting into different situations and changing the things we do to fit in.

Other people think we are better at working with other people who are different, as we know what it feels like to be different.

Sometimes it's about how confident we are. Do we have the confidence to be who we really are, rather than spending time trying to be what we are not?

Have a read through and see what you think – and don’t be afraid to comment – do you think disabled people lead differently?

Follow this link to read the easy read article

Other thingsā€¦

women to watch logo

Women to Watch

The Cultural Leadership Programme wanted us to tell you about Women to Watch. It's their search for the top 50 future female leaders.

For more information, please go to


The Cultural Leadership programme has also got a ‘navigator’ on its site - a handy guide to the wide range of leadership development opportunities offered through the Cultural Leadership programme.

Why not give it a try?

To go straight to the CLP Navigator

That’s all for now. Hope you’ve survived the wind, rain, and floods of November!

Keep in touch.

Jo Verrent

Sync Project Manager

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