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Autumn is here

Does being disabled mean you are a different kind of leader?

cartoon of disabled people with the words leadership meetings

There have been lots of meetings on leadership this month. And disabled people have been at the centre of many of them - fantastic!

The decibel Performing Arts Showcase 2009, showed work by lots of different groups - including Anjali (learning disabled dancers) and the Fish Police (a band with learning disabled musicians created by Heart n' Soul).

At decibel, they had an event called the Leadership Lounge - and this had two disabled women leaders talking at it: from Australia, Kathryn Duncan and from America, Christine Bruno.

Both these women also went to another event - the Lead On open space conference on leadership and disability, which was last week in Cheltenham. Lots of people who went said it was great, and they met loads of other disabled people there too.

We also found out that lots of disabled people are going to do a course called Leadership Unleashed, to find out more about leading.

We will try and find out what happened at all of these, and pass the information on to you.

To go to a review of the Leadership Lounge on Disability Arts Online

What do you 'reveal'?

'...her openness only goes so far; like most disabled people, she sometimes disguises the true extent of her disability...' (In the Guardian newspaper talking about Lady Jane Campbell)

cartoon of disabled people hiding and revealing/showing themselves

The Sync website is different now - go and have a look!

These bulletins will often tell you about things that are on the site - but we will give you a link to follow so you can find things on the site more easily.

We've just put up an article about what you reveal - or what you show other people about yourself.

For disabled people who lead, this is an important question as people often think different things about us because of our disabilities.

Our article tries to get us to ask ourselves questions. What do we get and what do we loose when we tell people about our impairments?

Why not have a look and see what you have to add - there is a comments bit underneath the article so you can tell us what you think too.

Robert Softley Gale

I asked Robert what happened when he ‘switched off’ **Robert**, when he just was at home, relaxing and out of the spotlight. “Nothing”, he replied, “it doesn’t get switched off..." (from Robert's case study)

cartoon of Robert saying 'this is me!'

Do you know Robert Softley Gale?

He's the Disability Officer for Scottish Arts Council.

He has made some really great things happen in Scotland for disabled artists in the last year.

Robert is very energetic and very open about everything: his disability, the fact he is gay, his acting. And he uses lots of things like Twitter and Facebook to tell everyone everything about him and his life. He even has a website all about his wedding.

If you want to find out more about Robert and what he thinks about leading , check out the case study on the website.

You can tell us what you think there too.

To find out more about Robert...

What next?

We want to meet you!

cartoon of lots of different people exchanging ideas at a sync meeting

We are going to have a session at DADA Fest in Liverpool this Autumn so we can meet people interested in Sync and find out more about you.

If you want us to come to you, we want to have more of these sessions. Let us know and we will see what we can sort out.

And next month we want to bring you news of a brand new thing for Sync - Sync placement/s.

This will be a real chance for one or two people to spend sometime in a big arts organisation in London and try out leading for themselves.

Watch this space!

Want to go to the Sync Leadership site?

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