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Sync 100: e-bulletin Summer 09 - easy read


Summer time

photo of an ice cream cone held up to a car window. Outside the car it is raining.

Summer time? Where is the sun?

I suppose the rain does make it easier to go to the computer and work...

This is the last bulletin that will look like this. We are changing how these look, and how the website looks. We have more funding from the Cultural Leadership Programme and want to make things better.

We want to make sure people can get to the good stuff on our website quickly and easily. We are thinking about new things to add over the summer. Any ideas? Please let us know. You can email

That’s it for now

leader on an arrow

In September we are back with a new look website and new look bulletins.

Remember, you can find out about lots more workshops and events for leaders, not just Sync's. Look at the Cultural Leadership Programme’s website ( for ideas.

You can also click on the link below to find out more about Sync in the South East - our work in the south east of England.

So whenever the rain comes, there is still plenty to think about and do.

Enjoy the summer!

Jo Verrent and the rest of the Sync team

In the Autumn and next Spring

cartoon of sync next steps - what we are doing next

We will be doing three things:

  • running some face to face meetings looking at being a leader if you are a disabled person. If you think we should come to where you are, please let us know.

  • running our big training programme again, so a small number of people can get face to face training and coaching

  • and we are also starting something called Sync placements – real opportunities for people to try out being a leader in real situations.

More news on all of these in the Autumn.

What about now?

It keeps raining and life is hard at the moment for lots of people.

Money is hard to get, and jobs are hard to keep.

How should leaders act when things are hard?

Being a leader when things are hard

a cartoon of leading in hard times

How can you lead when things are hard?

One thing you have to do is stay close to other people. Try these three things:

Lead from the front

This means really talking and listening to people. People need to know what's going on. Get out there, get with people, tell the truth and listen to what people are saying. Don’t hide looking at your computer and writing things down.

Think of the big picture

If you were trying to make a big jigsaw puzzle, you would need to see the picture on the lid of the box. That picture is the thing that keeps you going. It helps you remember why you are doing the puzzle. The same is true when there are problems. you have to remember why you started something in the first place. You have to think of what you want at the end.

Ask other people

You can't do everything alone. You need to work in a team. It needs to be a strong team. People need to say what they think and they also need to work well together. When a decision is made, everyone needs to move forwards.

What about how we feel?

two boxes like dice - one with smiley faces, one with sad faces

When things are hard, we can feel bad We might feel angry, sad, confused, guilty...

So what should we do? Again, three suggestions:

think positively

It can be hard to do, but you can ‘think positively’. When things start to get hard, think about what you really, really want and how you can get it. think about how you can make other people think positively too.

Listen to your body

Think about what your body is saying - can people tell that you are angry or upset by looking at you?

Also, don't get too tired. If you need rest – you have to rest. Find out what helps you rest, what helps you sleep.

You are in control of what you do

Stay in control. You can only be a leader if you can stay in control. Then you can help other people

Don't ignore how you feel. Make how you feel into something good. Turn that anger into action; take out that frustration by finding new ways of doing things.

If your disability is linked to mental health you can still be a leader - of course! . Think about what support you might need if things are bad. Talk to people about what would help you.

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