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In court!

People say he's a demon king and one of the most powerful men on earth. (Frederike F├╝rst, Anglia Ruskin University)

a  picture of Rupert Murdoch getting a pie in his face at his Government hearing

What a busy summer it has been in the courts.

In late July, Mr Murdoch had to meet Parliament to answer questions about his staff tapping people's phones.

At the time, he said 'This is the most humble day of my career.'

I don't think we really believed him. Many people have said as a leader, he's not in touch with the thousands of people who work for him.

A foam pie was thrown in his face at the hearing and we all understood why!

One man, one vision

One heart, one soul, just one solution (Lyrics from One Vision, Queen)

a number of goldfish, all following one other fish, which is coloured green.

For all the wealth and power we might have, we cannot always control how we are seen and heard and of course and how people will react to it.

Hearings are still happening for the 2000 + people who took part in rioting and looting this August. In all the chaos and confusion, one man shone out from the crowd.

Tariq Jahan shared his feelings with local people just hours after his own son had died in Birmingham. He managed to make people think differently about revenge and the streets became calmer.

His leadership in this moment was so powerful, it not only touched people in Birmingham, but the whole nation were moved by what he said and did.

Leadership moments

As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. (John Steinbeck)

an easy cartoon showing a leadership moment

Have you ever had a leadership moment, a point in your life where you changed people's thinking?

Can we plan these moments to show our leadership? Perhaps so!

Leadership and leading is not measured by how a leader puts people down, passing the blame or sacking an entire news team. It's about touching people's lives in some way so they can connect with you and your ideas.

Sync is here to help you think about this.

New Sync Intensives people

...the time really feels right for me now with lots of lovely career crossroads and challenges and creative opportunities afoot. (Liz Carr)

an easy cartoon showing new Sync Intensive people

We’re hoping that our new Sync Intensive people will share some of their thinking and their moments in the weeks and months ahead .

As part of the programme, they’ll be compiling their own hearings in case studies and articles between now and the end of March as part of our monthly bulletins.We can’t wait to hear what they have to say and share with us

After a difficult selection process we were able to offer places to Sally Booth - Visual Artist, Lyn Cox - Visual Artist, Bobby Baker - Performance Artist, Director of Daily Life Ltd and Unlimited Commission winner, Liz Carr - comedian, writer and presenter for BBC Ouch, Alison Short – actor and chair of Mind the Gap's Ideas Company, Martin McClean - Project Manager, Deafinitely Theatre, Anna Wallbank - Creative Director of Zinc Arts, Rita Marcalo – dancer and Director of Instant Dissidence, Dolly Sen – artist and writer and Lynn Weddle - photographer.

What a group don't you think?

So that's it for this month. Enjoy the rest of your summer and someone tell the sun to stay out a little longer!

All the best

Sarah Pickthall and Jo Verrent


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