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The word 'Passion' comes from a term in the Bible which means the pain and agony of Jesus on the cross.

a red graphic art piece exploring passion

Within Sync we often talk about 'following your passion'.

We think that passion is part of leading.

Interesting to think that the word 'passion' is linked to suffering.

Most of us are suffering because of the cold and the cuts at the moment. In the arts you could say we are suffering for our passion.

Be clear about your passion

If we know our passion we can enjoy a happier and healthier life. Some people know their passion; other people spend a lot of time searching for it.

a drill drilling into the earth

But what if we haven't found our passion yet? What if we know the kinds of things we like? What if we only know what we don't like doing?

Well, if you haven't found it and you've been looking for it - maybe you've been looking too hard.

Don't ‘stop’ doing other things until you find it.

If you continue on your journey, at some point, your passion will come to you. Sometimes we can only find things when we stop looking. So work on the things you enjoy, even if it's lots of things and you may suddenly 'click' and find things drop into place for you...

Our passions can be quite general - maybe you get a buzz out of helping people, maybe it's through expressing yourself, maybe your passion is about making things safe and secure for others.

Over time, your passion can change slightly but the focus will remain - you will just find different ways to do it.

So find out everything you can about your passions - where are their edges - where do they stop being interesting for you?

Still searching to find your passion?

What's your purpose?

Nobody likes cuts. But can we see a good side to financial uncertainty? Maybe...

a copy of arts professional

Martin Vogel has written an article in the Arts Professional magazine. He says when money is tight arts organisations should think about their work.

For us at Sync, this is about passion too. During times like these it's important to make sure our passion and our purpose are matching.

Martin says that organisations need to go back to what they really want to do, and focus upon that. They should remember why they started and what they wanted to do - and then stick to it.

So if you work for yourself or you work for an organisation, why not use this holiday to think really hard about the passion and purpose of your working life.

If you have to strip things right back what would be right at the heart of what you do?

Simon McKeown

Simply I think people who don’t share my views and passion are missing out - big style.

a series of images from motion disabled

Simon McKeown is well known for following his passion.

On Friday 3rd December 2010, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 17 countries, including England and Scotland, showed his Motion Disabled art project and Simon himself was named DaDaFest Artist of the Year 2010.

Jo Verrent interviewed Simon back in 2009, after Jo had helped show the Motion Disabled project in Leeds. Our article this month picks up where that one left off, and ask Simon how he feels about his success.

To go straight to the article on Simon McKeown in Easy Read...

Take a note!

photo of the sync notebook.

One of Sync's passions is making sure that disabled people get heard.

We have come up with a new way of doing this - we have just produced a notebook. It's perfect for you to write or draw notes in as you lead people.

On some of the pages there are pictures and quotes from Sync people - all to keep you thinking.

Do you want one? Well, you can't have one, you can only have two! One for you and one for someone you feel might like to find out more about Sync. This could be perhaps a disabled person or person with a long term health condition interested in leading in the arts, or maybe someone who can help us spread the word.

Just drop your address, and the address of your other person, to Lesley Miller at and we can get these mailed out to you - perfect for welcoming you back to work after the holidays!

Seasons Greetings

seasons greetings written on snowflakes

And that's it from us for 2010.

No-one is quite sure what 2011 will bring, but Sync are busy dreaming and scheming away. Whatever we do, you can be sure that the Sync passions for curiosity, equality and diversity are at the heart of it!

Have a great break,

Jo and Sarah and the rest of the Sync Team

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