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Leading from the field - Marie Colvin

She believed you had to get there to report. She believed in eye witness accounts: she had to see with her own eyes and thought this was graphic and powerful. It was one of her traits, she didn't only cover the main wars, she believed in covering wars that were under reported. (John Witherow paying tribute to Marie Colvin on BBC4 Radio, Media Show, 22 February 2012)

a photo of Marie Colvin reporting from a field sitting next to a truck

Marie Colvin who died last week was a wonderful journalist and an inspiration to all of us.

Since her death her friends and work colleagues have talked about how passionately she felt about reporting the hidden stories of war.

Marie hoped that her work would make a difference and make things better by showing where things were not right.

She lost the sight in one eye in the conflict in Sri Lanka and fought hard to build her confidence to go back into war zones to continue her work.

With her memory in our thoughts, we’re going to talk about how we can build strength and confidence to lead the way with some of our Sync Intensive members.

Sync artist Sally Booth has written a case study on how she built strength and confidence making art with what she could see, now with what she couldn’t. Dance artist and Director Rita Marcalo talks about power and epilepsy through her dance work and finally Artistic Director of Zinc Arts Anna Wallbank talks about how important creativity is to her leadership.

Read more about Marie Colvin

Ways of seeing

Exploring my vision and celebrating its uniqueness has now become part of my creative practice. (Sally Booth)

Sally as a cartoon kicking a barrier down - 'just doing it'

Artist Sally Booth has much in common with Marie Colvin. They have both developed traits along the way through the desire to make people see things differently.

Sally's case study looks at her journey and how she coped with what she saw and changed the way she made work as part of that.

When Sally comes across a problem she tends to sort it out for everyone, not just for herself. She made an accessible website that won a Jodi Award for online digital access in 2009.

Read Sally's case study here

Dancing my epilepsy

I am interested in exploring the idea that power sometimes comes from giving away. (Rita Marcalo)

a photograph of Rita Marcalo

Over the last few years, Rita Marcalo has been exploring her epilepsy through dance

As a woman, a lesbian and a disabled person, Rita is not so sure that getting the power back from other people is the right way to play the game.

"I am more interested in dancing power that in taking it. I am interested in exploring all its possibilities, in placing myself at different points in the continuum between taking it and giving it away."

She does this work to "find out about herself, others and how the world works."

Read Rita's article in easy read

The yellow brick road to leadership

My own relationship with creativity has been taking my attention lately and has been the focus of Sync Coaching. It has been neglected as the Yellow Brick Road steepened as it neared Oz. (Anna Wallbank)

Anna's drawing with creativity tapping her on the shoulder

Anna Walbank is Creative Director of Zinc Arts in Essex

In her case study Anna tells us about her organisation's work with people who don’t have the chance to be creative – people who have been held back in some way.

She’s been so busy she admits to forgetting about creativity in her own life.

"Sync has given me the chance to listen to myself and I find it rather interesting." Listen to more of her story here.

Read more from Anna and click through to her slideshow here

In The Space

Unlimited has the power to change the way in which disability and creativity are viewed. We want to use The Space to change the way disabled and Deaf artists lead in making their ideas and dreams real (Out of the Box)

an easy picture of The Space project - Out of the Box

The Sync team is really excited. This month our Out of the Box project has been chosen to go forward into The Space, a joint project between ACE and the BBC.

Between now and October, Out of the Box will work with12 disabled artists who are delivering projects as part of Unlimited, a Cultural Olympiad programme.

Working with Watershed Media in Bristol and Director John Durrant of BDH, the Sync team see this as a fantastic opportunity to change the way disabled artists are seen by the public.

2012 - the Year of the Olympics here in the UK - what a great year for this to happen! There will be short films, a documentary and a blog which will showcase artistic leadership as it happens and leave a legacy for the future.

Watch The Space! All the best,

Sarah Pickthall


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