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InSync with us

Just a quick note to let you know that I am really enjoying the Sync 21 days! I think it is a beautiful idea. I am enjoying the fact that I am slowly understanding SYNC in a manageable and useful way. (Richard Sobey, Executive Producer, IOU Theatre)

a cartoon of what's inside a leader

We've been very busy in the Sync camp this month with the start of InSync. We think you don’t have to be disabled to enjoy what we have on our website so we’re telling more people about it.

If you are a Sync member and think others might like to be one too please forward this e-bulletin to them and encourage them to sign up.

Now anyone who is interested can get InSync!

We’ve also been looking at the Trait Theory of Leadership with two of our Sync Intensive members: Martin Mclean and Dolly Sen.

Trait leadership is about the different things that make a leader good and not so good.

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What's in a good leader?

a cartoon of leadership traits

Plato - a very famous philosopher as far back as 380 BC, started to look at the sort of things that make a good leader and a not so good leader.

What are these things? Well, we know a few things that are a very important part of a good leading.

A good leader :

• pushes ideas forward and has lots of energy to make things happen

• pushes and leads others, bringing them on board

• is confident

• is the sort of person people admire

• is creative

As you can see, some of these things you can learn and some of these things you are born with.

Intrinsic traits such as intelligence, good looks, height and so on are not necessary to become a leader. (Simon Boulton)

a photograph of Gandhi showing how small he was

Some people say that you have to look a certain way to be a leader – big and strong. Sync has always said that’s not true. Gandhi was neither big nor strong but he led the way for millions of people. There are different leadership skills for different situations.

In the genes

I have noticed that the Deaf community is dominated by strong families where deafness has been passed down from generation to generation and they are the community’s natural leaders. (Martin Mclean)

a cartoon of deaf families

Martin Mclean, currently on our Sync Intensives programme, is a scientist too.

He has written an article for Sync about what we are given by our parents in our genes, what we learn through our life and which of these things, or indeed whether it is a mixture of both these things, that make you a good leader.

He has noticed that deaf families who have deaf children and grandchildren, where deafness is passed through the genes, often become the leaders in the deaf community.

It's a great read!

Read Martin's Natural Born Leader?

Dolly's box of tricks and traits

Whether being rebellious is a natural trait is hard to know...the reaction to my history may be the reason I fight tyranny (things that are not right) ...or it could be that my ordinary heart will not tolerate it.

a cartoon of Dolly as Little Bo Peep

Dolly Sen, also on our Sync Intensives programme, is a leader who uses her life experience to lead. Sometimes this means doing things her way and going against the way a leader looks and behaves, using art to lead and humour to keep people following.

She has written a case study. What subversion gives me and a powerpoint that charts her life in all its non - compliance. Enjoy!

Dolly's case study and slideshow

Get your Clores in

The Clore Fellowship has quite simply opened my eyes to a new world thats out there waiting for me to play. (Jo Verrent)

a photo of a pink crab claw

And finally, something for you to get your Clores into.

As you might know, Jo Verrent co-founder of Sync, is currently on the Clore Leadership Programme and loving it.

The programme is currently inviting applications for 2012/13 people or 'fellows' - and open to applicants who are able to show a knowledge, understanding and passion for culture.

It's very hard work with lots of different parts: coaching, placements and a few long courses of 1-2 weeks.

The closing date for all applications is 12 noon, 24 February 2012 and you can find out further details on their site

That’s it for this month.

All the best,

Sarah Pickthall


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