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Pushing the Work

These are not shows about disability, nor is this disability on show. Neither is it about ignoring the disability and only seeing the art – both are parts of the whole. (Claire Cunningham, PUSH ME artist at the Southbank Unlimited Festival press launch.)

A cartoon of Jo and Sarah pressing the Push Me button

We are in The Space at last and so far, so good! We’re very pleased with the films and people are keen to see more.

We were lucky enough to be able to show 3 of the PUSH ME films for Rachel Gadsden, Mish Weaver and Sue Austin at the launch of the Unlimited Festival at the Southbank this month. Claire Cunningham, another PUSH ME artist spoke at the event and said that the September festival is going to be a great thing.

Go straight to The Space and the Push Me Collection

Caroline Bowditch presents: Leaving, Limbo, Landing

At this stage I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew. (Caroline Bowditch in her first 90 second PUSH ME film)

a photo of Caroline in a dark studio space in a blue top and a picture of her eye in the camera

Caroline Bowditch in her first solo choreographic roll says it all in her first PUSH ME film on The Space.

It’s not an easy thing to be working as lead choreographer on an outdoor piece in what for most of the summer so far has been plagued with rain.

Caroline has certainly cracked it and brought the sun with her.

We were lucky enough to film her 2nd PUSH ME film the morning of her premiere and nothing could stop us keeping the cameras rolling through 3 wonderful performances of Leaving Limbo Landing.

To find Caroline's first 90 second PUSH ME film

Bobby Baker presents: Mad Gyms and Kitchens

Like all Baker’s work…you leave feeling better than you came in, aware as you walk down the road whistling that what Baker is offering is not a show but a priceless gift wrapped in a theatrical box of tricks. (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian on Mad Gyms & Kitchens, October 2011)

a photo of Bobby mid performance

Bobby Baker presents: Mad Gyms and Kitchens Make sure, if you haven’t already to take a peek at Bobby Baker's first 90 second film in The Space.

It’s a fine brew and hits the spot focusing on her show - Mad Gyms and Kitchens.

The need to take her work to spaces where people meet as part of their daily lives and where they feel most comfortable is really important for Bobby.

Make sure you see the show at The Southbank this September as part of the Unlimited Festival. It will do you the power of good!

Jenny Sealey and Graeae presents: The Garden

I’ve loved every minute of the filming today. Totally out of the box! (Jenny after her day in the Geffrye Gardens with the PUSH ME team)

a picture of Jenny lying on the grass the camera focusing on her face with flowers

Jenny Sealey has been a Sync supporter from the off and as many of you know is now busy leading on perhaps the most important event of a lifetime the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

She’s also our featured artist for her co-directorial role for Graeae’s The Garden alongside Grant Mouldey of Strange Fruit.

Her first film is currently having music written for it and will be in The Space soon.

You can find out more about the production on The Push Me site

Go straight to the Garden

Help us with PUSH ME?

Just watched the @pushmespace films in #TheSpace - fantastic. #pushmeplease (tweeter: projectclare)

A picture of Jo and Sarah as curators in The Space

We're going to end this bulletin with a little 90 second Paralympic push.

It seems 90 seconds is the length of film to have shown this summer. Enjoy.

Tell your contacts all about PUSH ME at (

Do you Tweet? Then follow us on Twitter (@pushmespace) and using #pushmeplease

We're also on FACEBOOK - Push Me - The Facebook Group

Join us next month for more pushy things.

Sarah Pickthall and Jo Verrent


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