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My journey has involved self discovery and also time to reflect on things I already knew but had forgotten. Along the way I've been inspired by new people and ideas, grown to feel confident in my beliefs about myself and the sector, and dug deeper into myself as a leader. I am an individual, not part of a movement or sector, and I feel stronger about my position and where I place myself now and into the future. (individual on Sync intensives 2010)

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This month we make no apologies for featuring quotes from individuals who were all part of the last Sync Intensives programme which we ran in 2010. This is because we can now announce that we are able to run the programme again in 2011, thanks to extended funding from ACE, and so will shortly be looking for recruits.

One of the most frequent comments we had from those on the programme was how much of a journey it had been for them – taking them from one place to another. No matter how much we think we know about ourselves, our attitudes and beliefs and the world in which we work, when we stop and are forced to examine why we approach the world in the way we do there is always much to learn.

Sync Intensives offers you the chance to do that – to stop, in good company, and examine again your take on leaders, leading and leadership, all underscored by the twist of difference with which we so often view the world as disabled people.

So think about it – are you ready for a challenge? Want some fresh thinking or a way to freshen your own thoughts and opinions?

Then read on…

Sync intensives – the details….

I have been able to explore my own practices, engage with some theory, and had the opportunity to hear the experiences and approaches of others. All this has provided me with a wider context for learning and development. It has been a very powerful and motivating experience. (individual on Sync intensives 2010)

Sue Austin looking at a flipchart with different leadership styles on it.

We will be running the highly successful Sync Intensives programme again this autumn – this time for a group of just ten individuals, selected nationally.

The programme offers a self development opportunity for you to explore your own perspective on leading and leadership within a supported framework.

Once the group has been selected, we’ll hold two intensive days – one in Sept/ Oct and one in Nov/ Dec where we will share theory and experience. You will also have a one-to-one coaching session (face-to-face or via telephone or online mechanisms depending on access) and the chance to create an article and/or a case study for the Sync site, sharing your take on an aspect of disability and leadership that is important to you. Each time we've run the programme we've also looked for different ways to connect up participants online - so that we can virtually share experiences too.

What have I gained? The ability to clarify and put things in perspective, to put a description on my leadership style and work better because of increased understanding. I appreciate it and doubt myself less now. (individual on Sync intensives 2010)

The application process will go live at the start of July with a simple application form available from the sync website– the deadline for applications is the 29th July. Please email if you would like us to email you immediately the application form becomes available.

It is one of the most valuable career development initiatives that I have ever engaged with… It has had a profound and unexpected impact on my personal life in addition to my professional life. (individual on Sync intensives 2010)

Keep in Sync

Sync intensive 2010 people working

It may be that Sync Intensives doesn’t seem the right fit for you just now – that’s ok – our still growing membership shows that the lessons we learn from each other are important too. We’ll be feeding back information from the programme each month through the autumn, and keeping you up to date with breaking news on other leadership opportunities too

So do keep in touch,

All the best

Jo Verrent and Sarah Pickthall


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