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This month we can tell you that we are going to run Sync Intensives again in 2011, thanks to more funding from ACE.

We are going to be looking for 10 people to join the programme.

We talked to the people who did it last year. They said it was like a journey. They changed what they thought and felt about leading when they were on the programme.

It's always a good time to check what you think about leading and to give yourself time to talk to others.

Sync Intensives gives you the chance to do that – to stop, with other people, and look at your take on leaders, leading and leadership, all with other disabled people.

So think about it – are you ready for a challenge?

Then read on…

Sync intensives – the details….

Sue Austin looking at a flipchart with different leadership styles on it.

We will be running Sync Intensives this autumn – this time for a group of just ten individuals, from all over the country.

So what does Sync Intensives mean?

Once people have been chosen, we will meet twice, for one day in Sept/ Oct and one day in Nov/ Dec.

The programme will offer a one-to-one coaching session (face-to-face, by telephone or online depending on what suits you best).

You will also be supported to write or film an article and/or a case study for the Sync site sharing something about disability and leading that is important to you.

Each time we've run the programme we've also looked for different ways to meet up online too.

You can apply for the programme from the start of July. There will be a simple application form available on the Sync website. The deadline for applications is the 29th July.

Please email if you would like us to email you when the application form is available.

Keep in Sync

Sync intensive 2010 people working

It may be that Sync Intensives doesn’t seem the right fit for you at the moment and that’s ok. Our still growing membership shows that the lessons we learn from each other are important too. We’ll be feeding back information from the programme each month through the autumn, and keeping you up to date with breaking news on other leadership opportunities too

So do keep in touch,

All the best

Jo Verrent and Sarah Pickthall


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