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We're oh so nearly in The Space!

'We've had a look at the film on the link... really brilliant!' (The Space development team on the first PUSH ME short)

A picture of the earth from space

Whoop! Whoop!

Well, its taken a huge amount of time (a huge amount of time we didn't expect) but we have managed - finally - to battle our way up the queue to get onto The Space with all three versions of our first four films - very soon we will have a standard version, one with subtitles and one with audio description for each of our first four artists - Sue Austin, Rachel Gadsden, Jez Colborne and Laurence Clark.

As soon as things are alive and kicking we'll send out an alert so watch out for it!

Things should move a bit faster from here on in, all the first shoots are done and we are off shooting again, and simultaneously editing our second and third batches of films - busy, busy!

So we need to introduce yet more artists to you, and this month, the artists featured are all from Scotland (there is one more too, coming next month) - thanks to the involvement of Creative Scotland.

So a big thanks to Maggie Maxwell and the team up north of the border - and we hope we've done you proud!

Onto this months featured artists - Claire Cunningham. Ramesh Meyyappan and Janice Parker - all working in the physical world of performance, but in very, very different ways.


Claire Cunningham presents: Ménage à Trois

Sometimes I feel like a machine. I forget I was made to touch skin, to feel heat, breath, to have someone’s smile pressed into my neck. I wasn’t made to click. . . But with you I click. We. Click. Like a clique, a trio, a Ménage à Trois.

Claire Cunningham dancing on her crutches in a dark basement

In a dark, private chamber, a lonely woman begins to craft the perfect man out of the only thing she knows - her crutches.

A hauntingly beautiful study of love, obsession, loneliness and manipulation, Ménage à Trois is a visually stunning new piece of dance theatre from award-winning performer Claire Cunningham. Exploring Claire’s twenty year relationship with her crutches, this darkly humorous and deeply personal portrait asks if it’s possible to find love when there are already three of you in the relationship. Ménage à Trois is created in partnership with the National Theatre of Scotland and has been commissioned for Unlimited, a project celebrating disability, arts, culture and sport on an unprecedented scale as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Ménage à Trois is performed by Claire Cunningham, and devised and directed by Claire Cunningham and Gail Sneddon. The image here is from a great film shoot we did with Claire in the bowels of Tramway in Glasgow - great venue, and an incredibly dusty floor!

To find Claire on PUSH ME

Ramesh Meyyappan presents: Skewered Snails

Meyyappan's physical storytelling is a visual treat (Three Weeks, Scotland)

Ramesh having climbed a rope now sits there, rope around his feet forming a seat.

Ramesh is presenting a piece called Skewered Snails - the darkly comic tale of a dysfunctional family: authoritarian father, a mother whose tenderness manifests itself in fascinating and disturbing ways towards her children, twin siblings, a boy and a barbaric girl. This is definitely not the recipe for a traditional happy family. Discipline within the family is enforced with military precision by the father, while the mother's suffocating and ineffectual love borders on parental abuse. The son takes to the woods to live an arboreal existence following a series of horrifically brutal incidents, culminating with him being forced to eat snails and other concoctions made by his sadistic twin sister.

Skewered Snails is a dark work powerfully told through extensive and imaginative physicality. The wonderfully idiosyncratic narrative is brought to life by a dynamic ensemble cast.

Created by Ramesh Meyyappan, produced by Iron Oxide.

To find Ramesh on PUSH ME

Janice Parker presents: Private Dancer

“…a cross between art installation, Zen Garden, dance show and party…” (The Skinny) *****

Janice working in the studio with a dancer - they are caught in the mirrors along the side of the studio too,

Private Dancer is a be-spoke event that re-invents itself in each new location in which it performs. Led through a process by the amazing Janice Parker, the company, who are never the same twice, are a deliberate mixture of disabled, non-disabled, professional and first time performers, all arriving by different means for different reasons, some invited, and some by chance and circumstance. Greeted by a genial host the power balance shifts, as the audience, our guests, are invited to cross a threshold literally and metaphorically and enter the glorious domain of the dancer.

Why not go and see for yourself - They might let you in....!

To find Janice on PUSH ME

Push Yourself

Example of the PUSH ME interface on The Space

As we said last month, now our first four films for The Space are queued up there, with four more to come very shortly, we really need your help, support and feedback.


  • push PUSH ME to your contacts too - through our website (

  • joining in with the discussion around the project on the website yourself.

  • follow us on Twitter (@pushmespace) and use #pushmeplease to tweet about the project. Why not ff us?

Let's go viral!

Sarah Pickthall and Jo Verrent


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