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Feeling the push

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere. (Frank A. Clark)

a cartoon of working in a team and facing obstacles

Can you believe we're nearly in April? It's feeling very busy and many of us are working hard in the lead up to a very busy summer ahead with lots of projects and performances planned.

It's very important that we keep ourselves and our teams bobbing along, particularly when we come up against obstacles on the way.

We're happy to share this month's easy read bulletin with Bobby Baker who has lots of tips to share with us. She's no pushover!

We'll also be telling you a little bit more about what the Sync Team will be doing with Watershed Media over the next few months in our project for The Space with Arts Council England and the BBC.

Getting your geese in order

Being on the Sync Intensive training programme has proven to be one of the most significantly positive experiences of my whole artistic career. (Bobby Baker, Artist, Leader)

an illustration of Bobby trying to get her Geese in order

Over the last few years, Artist and Artistic Director Bobby Baker has developed tips and tricks to help her take the lead.

In her presentation: 7,000 000 steps to leadership which she has made especially for Sync, she shares her learning.

You can watch her film with captions, with audio description or just as it comes. Make yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy it. It's brilliant!

Click here for Bobby's 7,000 000 steps to leadership

Meeting obstacles

Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off the goal. (Rita Davenport)

a road sign with obstacle written on it

I don't agree with Rita Davenport.

I don't think obstacles or problems come up because you take your eyes of the goal. I think they come up because it's part of a project's life

When you hit obstacles, try

• taking time (and breathing) to deal with difficult situations beyond the first set of moments.

• thinking differently about why the obstacle has come up - it may not be your fault or indeed your problem.

• different ways of dealing with the problem - think about what the project needs, not necessarily what you need.

• going back to when you first felt real joy about the project or idea - this can give you a real energy boost.

• new ways of responding to the problem - if you shout a lot when problems come up, try a soft approach.

You don't have to be alone in this. If you're finding yourself sinking back into old habits when problems come up, ask a friend for advice and help.

Jo and Sarah in The Space!

2 astronauts, Sarah and Jo in The Space

The Sync team, Jo and Sarah, are busy scheduling the summer and making inroads into The Space - an experimental platform managed by Arts Council England and developed in partnership with the BBC.

It will be launching in May and running until October this year. Our project is led by Watershed Media in Bristol and is called Push ME

We will be following 12 Unlimited artist commissions for the London 2012 Festival and sharing these with you.

We've already started filming and getting our blog ready for action. We'll tell you more at the end of April. Until then, enjoy the Spring, it's finally sprung.

All the best,

Sarah Pickthall


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