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Curating for The Space

“Our vision is audaciously ambitious. We want to use The Space to amplify the impact of the artists. This has the power to change the way in which disability and creativity are viewed throughout the cultural sector. So go on. PUSH ME.” Sarah Pickthall, PUSH ME curator

a photo montage of Push Me Curators Jo and Sarah

For those of you who have just joined our membership, Sync is spending this summer focusing on PUSH ME - our project for The Space and 12 of the extraordinary Unlimited commissions, part of the London 2012 Festival.

The project is curated by Sync Founders Sarah Pickthall and Jo Verrent – with films directed and produced by Burrell Durrant Hifle Design & Direction Limited, for Watershed in Bristol.

This month we're profiling artists Sue Austin, Laurence Clark and Rachel Gadsden whose first 90 second films will be premiering soon on The Space.

The majority of our 12 artists have taken part in Sync over the last 3 years and as we film them, they often tell us how galvanising Sync has been for them.

We wouldn’t be Sync if we're didn't focus on how our PUSH ME artists are leading on their commissions: managing the push to make the best work on time, to budget as well as the obvious push and pull within.

Find out more about The Space here

Sue Austin presents: Creating the Spectacle!

People said it wasn't possible....(Sue Austin)

A picture of Sue Austin underwater in her wheelchair

Sue Austin's commission Creating the Spectacle!

Two years ago, when we first met Sue on Sync she'd be the first to say that leadership did not feel quite right, but now she's leading a team making art work underwater in her wheelchair here and in Egypt.

Sue's 90 second PUSH ME film is dazzling and will be shown on The Space in June.

To find Sue on PUSH ME

Laurence Clark presents: Inspired

Close to the bone and very funny . (The Scotsman)

a photo of Laurence upside down with the push me website url across it

Laurence Clark has been in the public eye quite a bit this year with his recent BBC documentary 'We won't drop the baby', narrated by David Tennant.

His standup comedy commission for Unlimited is Inspired. The piece is all about his take on disabled people being seen as 'inspirational,' for doing what comes naturally.

Taking people's assumptions and challenging them comedically is what Laurence does best. He's currently shooting the film inserts for the new show and his first film with us will be screened on The Space shortly.

To find Laurence on PUSH ME

Rachel Gadsden presents: Unlimited Global Alchemy

Heartfelt, irreverent and provocative...vividly conveys the resilience of the human spirit and strength of social action in the face of adversity. (Dr Anita Herle,Senior Curator MAA, Cambridge)

A photograph of Rachel and the Bambanani Group

We caught up with Rachel Gadsden last week as she pulls together the various pieces of what promises to be a striking launch of her commission Unlimited Global Alchemy on the 22nd June at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge.

Rachel has always been particularly savvy at promoting her work but UGA is her first intercontinental commission and needs a different leadership approach.

At the same time, she's finding new ways to speak about the layers in her work driving interest in the project and at every turn. She's also developing a wealth of global connections for the future, worth their weight in gold.

We'll be pushing her more on this over the summer so watch this space and The Space of course!

To find Rachel on PUSH ME

Sally Booth - Centre Court

Exploring my vision and celebrating its uniqueness has now become part of my creative practice. (Sally Booth)

Sally's acetate drawing of Centre Court - work in progress

We wanted to take our finger of the Push button for a second to share a little of what other Sync artists have been up to.

As we're nearly in June, what better an artist to focus on than Sync Intensive member Sally Booth who has been artist in residence at Wimbledon this year.

I have been working inside a temporary viewing station on Centre Court, which gives a 360 view, and I have made a long acetate drawing on 8 acetate panels of the space from a slightly different perspective.

Go straight to her site to find out more about Sally and Sync and to find out when the work will exhibited at what must be one of the UK's most famous establishments.

Read more about Sally and Sync

Push Yourself

A big red button with Push Me written on it

And finally. Our first four films for The Space are likely to be screened in June. We'll be pasting links and blogging around it from our PUSH ME site.

You can help us get these leading artists gain further recognition and be part of the debate by

  • pushing PUSH ME to your contacts too - through our website (

  • joining in with the discussion around the project on the website yourself.

  • following us on Twitter (@pushmespace) and using #pushmeplease to tweet about the project.

Let's go viral!

All the best - and three more unlimited artists next month and a bit more besides.

Sarah Pickthall and Jo Verrent


To go straight to PUSH ME

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