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Sync: our last e-bulletin 2012


And now the end is near...

To think, I did all that,and may I say, not in a shy way...(Frank Sinatra)

a photography showing 2 arrows one saying my way, the other saying your way

Welcome to this, our last Sync bulletin. After three and a half years of hard and happy graft at the interface between disability and leadership, we’re closing Sync.

We decided to keep going with the Sync bulletins when our last Arts Council England grant came to an end in March 2012 so we could focus on the extraordinary summer of London 2012 and in particular, the journeys of 12 artists leading within PUSH ME as part of Unlimited Festival 2012.

For those of you who’ve been with us since our Cultural Leadership Programme days, you will know what an unusual, enlightening and very necessary leadership journey it has been for us all.

It's been Super!

Is it a bird, is it a plane... no....

With coaching at its heart - and with strong evidence under our belt - we know that Sync has played a significant part in galvanising the diversity of our membership to think, feel and behave very differently about leadership and leading, inspiring people to go out, get on and do it!

Time and time again we’ve witnessed many of us up on the plains with the lions and flying in V formation like geese leading ourselves and our teams to great things.

It’s been hugely gratifying to think about our beginnings and where we find ourselves now: particularly in the light of the very public set of moments we’ve just witnessed this summer with all their intrigue and undeniable edge.

It's not that we've rebuilt ourselves or become 'Superhuman' however much people would like to frame it this way, but more that we've pushed ourselves to be more of who we really are without any sense of apology.

Click through to The Synergy of Geese

So long, fair well...

a picture of Sarah in a group situation, someone in a wheelchair in the distance

We are not leaving anyone empty handed. All our Sync resources - including videos, articles and past bulletins - can be found on the Sync site. We’ll be archiving the site for posterity for a few years yet.

We are not sure how and in what ways Arts Council England will be investing in leadership in the future but do keep checking the Arts Council website for opportunities as and when they arise.

We wouldn't be Sarah and Jo without a little pushiness - our 30 minute PUSH ME documentary is currently being edited for upload into The Space at the end of next month - and the short 90 second PUSH ME films are growing up there - 16 of the 24 are up at the moment, with the rest due any time now.

And finally, we'd very much like to hear from you about any thoughts that you have about your own Sync journey: what’s worked for you and why, what have you gained from being part of this very remarkable cohort of Sync people. It's been our absolute pleasure - the time of our lives.

With thanks to all, all the best,

Sarah and Jo and

Go to the push me site to link through to PUSH ME films

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