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Finally in The Space!

Everyone's got 90 seconds. Go on. Push yourself.

a screen grab with Jez Colborne on the Space player

Extraordinary. Unlimited. In 90 seconds.

If you go to Arts Council England and BBC's The Space today - you'll see that PUSH ME is currently on the front page with our 90 second feature on Jez Colborne.

PUSH ME is a project that Jo Verrent and Sarah Pickthall have been working on with Watershed Media, focusing on 12 artists who gained Unlimited Commissions for the London 2012 festival. Each film piece is just 90 beautifully crafted seconds. And we need your help to get them seen.

So first, push this lot for 90 seconds…

  • Dive deep with Sue Austin and ‘Creating The Spectacle!’
  • Get Inspired with Laurence Clark
  • Find Jez Colborne Irresistible
  • Experience the Unlimited Global Alchemy of Rachel Gadsden

Go and see what we mean – the films are available with captions and with audio descriptions (just use the AD or S buttons on the player).

And if you like them, then please help us get the message out! We are launching today at 10 am!

You can push people straight to the Push Me Collection on The Space

Push us back at our own website,

Twitter: @pushmespace #pushmeplease

Facebook: Push Me – the Facebook group

Find us in The Space here

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