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I think Sync has, well, a huge amount of potential to share with the mainstream by recognising disabled people’s skills and abilities, and enlightening the mainstream really to an understanding that you don’t have to do things the same way for things to be done well and things to be done right. There are always different ways to do things and different ways to achieve and it's really about stepping outside of the obvious ways to do things and looking more laterally at solving problems, creating situations and opportunities and being successful, and I think that’s the thing that the mainstream struggles with, by virtue of its 'mainstream-ness'. You know there are ways to do things, these structures are already in place, these institutions already exist, and if you don’t fit in to the mainstream and you don’t fit into the institution then you get excluded and I think part of Sync’s role must be to convince the mainstream to be more creative and more thoughtful and more resourceful in looking at things from a different perspective and doing things differently. I think disabled people can help to facilitate that change.


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