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Interested in dance and disability?

Saturday 10th April, 2010

Caroline Bowditch and a female dancer in NQR

Go and have a look at what's happening in Scotland. There is a huge amount of disability dance activity occurring north of the boarder at the moment.

Disabled dancer and choreographer Caroline Bowditch has extended her post with Scottish Dance Theatre as their Dance Agent for Change, and she is currently touring with Scottish Dance Theatre in NQR (which stands for Not Quite Right) as a dancer alongside Marc Brew, who is currently in an associate role with the company alongside developing his own company.

(You can find out more at

But thats not all: Claire Cunningham, another Scottish disabled dancer is currently embarking on her European Tour and Janice Parker has received funding from the London 2012 Unlimited Commissions to develop her Private Dancer project further.

(And you can find out more on Claire's travels by going to Facebook and searching for Claire Cunningham European Tour dates, and more about Private Dancer from Scottish Arts Council's site here: