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Want to get into a Czech castle?

Saturday 10th April, 2010

The castle in question

This is an interesting one. There is a castle in Český Krumlov, in the Czech Republic and a UNESCO site that, along with other local places of interest, museums and galleries, can be visited in September when they hold their Handicapped day.

Ok, I'm sure that we in the UK wouldn't like the terminology but its an interesting concept.

For one day a year, the whole place goes all out to make the attractions accessible in a way they wouldn't usually be. Here's what they provide (and excuse the language!):

Thanks to certain facilities (ramps, stair lifts, temporary lifts), an information and assistant service (assistants for wheelchair users, guides for the blind, sign language interpreters for the deaf and dumb) and huge discounts on ticket prices, the disabled can reach places they wouldn’t be able to under normal circumstances. There are also countless events happening including special tours for the blind, (at the International Art Studio, the Regional Museum, the Fairytale House and the town itself) and raft rides on the River Vltava, an unforgettable experience.

If someone goes, do let me know what its like!

To find out more, go to: